Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biriyani

IMG_0697Biryani is a South Asian mixed rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It is popular throughout the subcontinent and aamong the diaspora from the region. It is generally made with spices, rice, and meat.There are more varieties of biriyani in India 🇮🇳.Peoples should really taste the biriyani once if they reach India .Its really a yummy spicy food .I really love it 😍

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Som Tam – Thailand Dish

IMG_0691Green papaya salad is a spicy salad made from shredded unripe papaya. It is of Lao origin but it is also eaten throughout Southeast Asia. Locally known in Cambodia as bok l’hong , in Laos as tam som or the more specific name pronounced in Thailand as som tam and in Vietnam as gỏi đu đủ. Som tam, the Thai variation, was listed at number 46 on World’s 50 most delicious foods compiled by CNN Go in 2011.Its for vegetarians.So have it when you be there in thailand.

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Smart and Blue’s Hydro Smart Showerheads

IMG_0646Moen isn’t the only one trying to change the shower game. French company Smart and Blue showed its Hydrao range of showerheads at CES. They’re kitted out with LED lights that change color, from green to blue to purple to red, based on how long you’ve been showering. The aim here is to cut unnecessarily long showers short, saving you money on utility bills in the process. And you can turn it on without getting out of bed.Hope it is smart gadgets helps to save the water resource,which is much needy in a world.

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Inca Trail – Peru

IMG_0638To get to Macchu Picchu – the world famous archaeological site in Peru – many people opt for the 3 or 4-day trek that brings them through sacred ancient sites, rocky paths, and imposing mountain passes. Lauded as the best trek in the world, this was said to be the same route that the royal Incas used to take to weave through the Andean mountains.

The trek usually starts from Cuzco and costs around US$350, including all meals, porters and camping facilities. Exodus Travels has a great Inca trail tour so that you can enjoy the trek and leave all the planning details up to the experts. Views of white-tipped mountains and high cloud forest combine with the magic of walking from one cliff-hugging ruin to the next – understandably making this the most famous trek in South America.

Distance: 43km ~ 4 days

Best time to go: May to September

Have a good time. A post for trekking lovers.Get ready with ur troops and have fun.

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